Friday, December 17, 2010

What I hope for second semester

I hope that you have a class book that we can read, and pick kid teachers that help us discuss the book. I also hope that you do a lot of the group projects. I don't really care if it is public speaking or narrated, but I thought that they were really fun and taught us some valuable skills.

My favorite thing about the DLC

I really liked the Stephen Crane group presentation because our group was so strong and we turned out killing the presentation,  even though Katelyn and Eric didn't get along too well.

What is challenging for me in the DLC

The most challenging thing in the DLC is the projects where I have to work alone, even though I know that everything will get done on time, it takes a lot longer, and there are things that I am weak at, and makes the project a whole lot longer.

What I am most proud of

I am most proud of my traveling accomplishments, I love that my family has the money and the spirit to travel, and I think it is a great deal that I always get to go along with them, and the whole family. I also go traveling because of hockey, I have only gone as far as Southern California and once Las Vegas, but my brother, Alex, goes all over the southwest region, and I get to go with him. We are thinking about going up to Canada for a couple tournaments. I have traveled to about ten countries in Europe, Peru, and the big countries in North America.

How I have Grown and Changed

I think that since I was put in the DLC I have become a lot more mature, and care more about school.  Before I was in the DLC I never really tried at school and it just came pretty easily to me, but when I went in the DLC, it gave me more of a challenge that I had to try at. I have also become a lot better at working as a team, or group in school. It's a lot easier to work as a team in sports, but when you're in school, you have to listen to other people, and talk through things.