Thursday, February 24, 2011


Compare: These are alike because both of them Had a huge impact on the public area that they were conducted. They also had huge impacts internationally. They were both famous for burning themselves in the middle of the road. Both happened during or right before a civil war. Both were meant to prove points.
Contrast: They happened in different places. One happened against the public and one happened against government. Thich Quang Duc did it because he wanted Buddhists to stop being persecuted against, while Bouazizi did it because he wanted the government to change.

My thoughts on burning man, are actually positive, I think it was great that Quang Duc didn't want to take being persecuted against, so he went to extremes and  burned himself. I definitely think that he was a hero and influenced many Buddhists to do the same.

The great cause that I fight for
The cause that I've always lived for
10 years of my life dedicated to you
All the defending I've done of you

After everything I've done
The hard work I've done
You discard me
You won't listen to me

It's a scandal you cry
I'm inlove I cry
You're sacked and not welcome
If I win my seat, I'll be welcome

The hypocrisy of it all disgusts me
The way you treat me
Well I won't give her up
I'd rather give you up

Hitting the streets day after day
I'm entitled to a private life at the end of the day
Leafleting, canvassing and the abuse I take
But never I thought, abuse from you I'd take

You're an ungrateful cause I've dedicated my life to
Now you discard me because my heart, to her, it goes to
I've done nothing wrong except fall in love
Perhaps you really are the party of hate, and not love

My job, you've taken from me
To the police, you've reported me
At one point I would have died for the cause
But no longer, not for an ungrateful cause.

Do you think there could have been an better way for Thich Quang Duc to express his emotions?

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